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Litigation Management : Client Seminars

Litigation Management : Client Seminars

Ritter, Robinson, McCready & James, Ltd. provides legal seminars as a service to its clients. In the past three years our firm has addressed the claims department of several clients on the following subjects:

  1. Defenses in Negligence Cases
  2. Investigation and Evaluation of Wrongful Death Claims
  3. Tort Reform
  4. Trial Evidence
  5. Civil Procedure - The Progression of a Case through Trial
  6. Political Subdivision Liability
  7. Is Your Defense Lawyer Bailing Out?
  8. Product Liability
  9. Trucking Liability
  10. Settlement Issues
  11. Premise Liability
  12. Construction Defect Litigation
  13. The Duty to Defend
  14. Animal Liability
  15. Ohio Insurance Bad Faith and a Mock Deposition of a Claims Representative
  16. Claim Investigation
  17. Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Claims
  18. Michigan Tort Law
  19. Parental Liability
  20. Employment Discrimination
  21. Work Product Exclusion
  22. Business Income Coverage
  23. Punitive Damages
  24. Defense of Low Impact Claims
  25. Fire Loss
  26. Deposition Guidelines
  27. Implied Consent & Permissive Use
  28. Property Damage Standards
  29. Breach of Contract Remedies and the Economic Loss Doctrine
  30. Different and Creative Approaches to Claims Resolution
  31. Liquor Liability Claims
  32. Government Liens
  33. Claims File Discovery
  34. Evidentiary Objections and the Use of Investigatory Materials at Trial
  35. Reservation of Rights Letters
  36. Strategies for an Efficient & Effective Defense

Please contact our firm to receive a copy of the outline from any of the presentations.