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Fee Arrangement

Fee Arrangement

The goal of Ritter, Robinson, McCready & James, Ltd. is to provide superior results at a reasonable fee. This allows us to maintain a long term relationship with our clients.

We recognize that our practice depends upon economically healthy and well-informed clients. We also realize that legal fees and associated services can comprise the largest percentage of the claims budget. Legal fees must be reasonable and justified and should be balanced against the perceived benefits and indemnity dollars saved. We work with clients to contain litigation fees and litigation costs.

We believe our hourly rates are reasonable and competitive given the complexity of issues and the expertise and skill of the attorney assigned. We also make extensive use of legal assistants in order to reduce client costs. All such services are billed at an agreed rate. There are no hidden charges. We are receptive to alternative billing arrangements.

Members of our firm strive to rapidly resolve lawsuits. We understand and appreciate cost concerns associated with lengthy litigation.